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           Karo Tyres Co., Limited
           Products/Services offered by - Karo Tyres Co., Limited

          TBR Tires,LTR Tires,PCR Tires,OTR Tires,Rim

           Company Profile
          Karo Tyres Co., Limited is founded by tire industry veterans. Thanks to its strong R&D integration sources, KARO offers the most complete TBR & OTR products line in China.

          Karo Tyres Co.,Limited attaches the greatest importance to product quality. The best-in-class suppliers can contribute to better quality. With this thought deep in mind, Karo adopt the most advanced Bridgestone and Pirelli, the natural rubber only from Malaysia origin.

          Karo Tyres Co., Limited wishes to build win-win cooperation with selective top industry players in each territory. Instead of soliciting orders from whoever can place an order, Karo selects the right partners and supports each other to win a better position in the industry. Karo develops different programs for and interacts intensively with its partners to grow together.

          With the products sold to all the Continents & all the developed countries in the world, Karo Tyres Co., Limited has been proving its commitment and capability with many influential overseas partners.
           Contact Information
            Contact Person

            Andy  Chu   Offline
          Company Name   Karo Tyres Co., Limited
          Street Address   Room 1102, Futai-A BLDG, 18 Hongkong Middle Road
          City   Qingdao
          Province/State   Shandong
          Zip Code   266033
          Business Phone   86-532- 80772395
          Mobile Phone    86- 1505- 3272309
          Fax    86- 532- 85780882
          Website Address    www.karotyres.com
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            Additional Info
          Main Product Focus
          Business Type
          Year Established
          CEO/Owners Name
          Number of Employees
          501 - 1000 People
          Website Address
          Main Markets
          Home > Automobiles > Auto Parts > Wheel & Tire Parts
          Bronze -Free Member
          Products from - Karo Tyres Co., Limited

          TBR Tire 285/75R24.5
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          Rude66 B2B Portal of Importers Exporters, Trade Lead Opportunities, Company Profile and Product Catalogs.